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Invigorating salt soak

Cuccio Pedicure Scentual Salt Soaks are invigorating salts with an irresistible scent. They are specially formulated to ease your clients into a state of complete relaxation, leaving them feeling revitalized and stress-free with an unforgettable spa experience. 

Why Cuccio Salt Soak?

Cuccio Salt Soak is made with the finest quality salts, ensuring that your feel are left feeling soft, smooth and rejunevated. In addition to its high-quality ingredients, Cuccio Salt Soak is also available in a range of delicious scents that are sure to tantalize your senses. It is also a multi-functional products that helps to softens while hydrate the cuticles. 

Using Cuccio Scentual Salt Soak

Cuccio Salt Soak is the perfect way to pamper your feet and indulge in a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. To use the Cuccio Scentual Salt Soak, simply add half scoop of the salts to a foot bath filled with warm water. Allow your feet to soak in for 5-10 minutes, taking the time to relax and unwind as the salt soak work its magic. For an even more indulgent experience, pair Cuccio Scentual Salt Soak with other products from the Cuccio range, such as cuticle softeners, masque and hydrating lotions. 

Frequently Asked Questions of Cuccio Scentual Salt Soak

What are the key ingredients in Cuccio Scentual Soak?

Cuccio Scentual Soak is made with the finest quality salts as well as a range of other natural ingredients where these ingredients work together to soothe, moisturize and rejuvenate your feet.

What scents are available in Cuccio Scentual Salt Soak?

Cuccio Scentual Soak is available in a range of scents including milk and honey, pomegranate and fig and artisan shea and vetiver. These scents are desined to tantalize your senses and leave your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

I am a homebased nail salon, can I enjoy wholesale rates for Cuccio Naturale spa products in Singapore?

Yes! We offer our professional-graded spa products at wholesale prices to beauty professionals, including those who operate in their homes. 

Where can I purchase wholesale supply of Cuccio Naturale spa products for my nail salon in Singapore?

You can purchase Cuccio Naturale spa products through contacting us in Singapore. Please contact us through our website and for faster response, do not hesitate to contact us at +65 90409118(Cuccio Singapore). 

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